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2019 Featured Speaker : Matt Atkinson

Matt Atkinson hails from Houston, Mississippi.  (Grierson’s Raid came through his town.)  He attended Ole Miss (don’t boo) and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in History.  In 2016, Matt earned a Master of Arts in History at the University of Louisiana – Monroe.  His thesis was on the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou or, as he would like to call it – “Dead Yankees in a Swamp.” 

Matt grew up in Mississippi loving the Civil War.  His parents took him to local battlefields such as Vicksburg and Shiloh.   Matt always asked, Dad, did we win here?” and Dad always responded, “No, not here.” 

Matt currently resides in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with his twin girls, Emma and Aubrey, and his son Benjamin Lee.  He is employed by Gettysburg National Military Park. In his spare time, Matt enjoys listening to sad country songs.  The title of his program is “Robert E. Lee: The post-war years 

2019 Symposium Speaker List

Author Bill Potter ~ Lee's Lieutenant, James Longstreet

Butch Pugh ~ Confederate Chaplains

Beth White, Ph.D.~ Legacy of Stonewall Jackson

Matt Atkinson

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Past Event Speakers:

2018 - Pastor Crieghton Lovelace.  Sypmosium: Travis Toombs, Fred D. Taylor, Esq., Pastor Creighton Lovelace, Kenny Rowelette, Assoc. Professor, ret., Christopher Smith, Ph.D.

2017 - Teresa Roane ~ Former MOC Libranrian/Archivis, UDC Archivist

             Symposium ~Beth White Ph.D., Kenny Rowlett, Susan Boardman, Bill Potter, Chris


 2016 - Chris Mackowski,Ph.D ~ Author, Educator, NPS Tour Guide, Blogger

             Symposium ~Kenny Rowlett, Paul J. Bennett, MD, Beth White, Ph.D.

 2015 - Ben Jones ~ Actor, Musician, Politician, Entrepreneur

             Symposium ~Chris Mackowski, D.Jonathan White, H.V.'Bo' Traywick, Jr., Steve French

2014 - Dr. Mathew Lively ~ Physician, Author

             Symposium ~ Beth White, William Connery, Rev. Herman White, and Dr. Mathew Lively.

2013 -Charles Kelly Barrow ~ Educator

             Symposium ~ Stephen Lee Ritchie, Richard G. Williams, Jr., Doug Batson,                                             B. Frank Earnest, Charles Kelly Barrow, Rev. Herman White

2012 - Stephen Lee Ritchie - Historian (Lee Chapel).  Kelly Atkins Henson (VMI).

              Symposium - R. Michael Givens, Charles Kelly Barrow, Timothy Manning, Sr.                     David Chaltas, and Stephen Lee Ritchie.

2011 - Kenny Rowlett - Assoc. Professor Liberty University

2010 - Pastor John Weaver - Past Chaplain-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans

2009 - Dr. Michael R. Bradley (Lee Chapel), John Vinson (Jackson's grave)

2008 - Charles E. Baker, D.D. (Lee Chapel) , Peter R. Furmick (Jackson's grave)

 2007 - David P.  Chaltas, D.D. (Lee Chapel), Richard G. Williams, Jr. (Jackson's grave)

2006 - Rev. Kenneth Studdard (Lee Chapel), Richard G. Williams, Jr. (Jackson's grave)

2005 -  Rev.  Lloyd Sprinkle

2004 - Richard G. Williams, Jr.

 2003 - D. Min. H. Rondel Rumburg ~ The Christian Legacy of Lee and Jackson.  Charles "Chuck" Eberle ~ Lee Remembers Jackson

2002 - Charles "Chuck" Eberle ~  Duty and Honor to God, Country,  and Banner.  Stephen Cassle ~ The Life of Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson

2001 - J. Holt Merchant - Professor of History, Washington & Lee University

2000 -Nora Brooks - as Mrs. Robert E. Lee