Lexington, VA

Featured Speaker : Matt Atkinson

Matt Atkinson is a U.S. Park Ranger for the Gettysburg           Battlefield

2018 Symposium Speaker List

1:00 pm ~ Bill Potter ~

2:00 pm ~ Butch Pugh ~ Chaplain 19th VA Inf.

2:30 pm ~ Living History Demonstration 19th VA Inf.

3:15 pm ~ Beth White, Ph.D.

4:00 pm ~ Matt Atkinson ~ U.S. Park Ranger, Gettysburg                                 Battlefield

Anyone wishing to inquire about our speakers or interested in being a speaker at a future event should contact J.R. Rankins at jrrankins@liberty.edu or call 434-299-5360

Past Event Speakers:

2018 - Pastor Crieghton Lovelace.  Sypmosium: Travis Toombs, Fred D. Taylor, Esq., Pastor Creighton Lovelace, Kenny Rowelette, Assoc. Professor, ret., Christopher Smith, Ph.D.

2017 - Teresa Roane ~ Former MOC Libranrian/Archivis, UDC Archivist

             Symposium ~Beth White Ph.D., Kenny Rowlett, Susan Boardman, Bill Potter, Chris


 2016 - Chris Mackowski,Ph.D ~ Author, Educator, NPS Tour Guide, Blogger

             Symposium ~Kenny Rowlett, Paul J. Bennett, MD, Beth White, Ph.D.

 2015 - Ben Jones ~ Actor, Musician, Politician, Entrepreneur

             Symposium ~Chris Mackowski, D.Jonathan White, H.V.'Bo' Traywick, Jr., Steve French

2014 - Dr. Mathew Lively ~ Physician, Author

             Symposium ~ Beth White, William Connery, Rev. Herman White, and Dr. Mathew Lively.

2013 -Charles Kelly Barrow ~ Educator

             Symposium ~ Stephen Lee Ritchie, Richard G. Williams, Jr., Doug Batson,                                             B. Frank Earnest, Charles Kelly Barrow, Rev. Herman White

2012 - Stephen Lee Ritchie - Historian (Lee Chapel).  Kelly Atkins Henson (VMI).

              Symposium - R. Michael Givens, Charles Kelly Barrow, Timothy Manning, Sr.                     David Chaltas, and Stephen Lee Ritchie.

2011 - Kenny Rowlett - Assoc. Professor Liberty University

2010 - Pastor John Weaver - Past Chaplain-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans

2009 - Dr. Michael R. Bradley (Lee Chapel), John Vinson (Jackson's grave)

2008 - Charles E. Baker, D.D. (Lee Chapel) , Peter R. Furmick (Jackson's grave)

 2007 - David P.  Chaltas, D.D. (Lee Chapel), Richard G. Williams, Jr. (Jackson's grave)

2006 - Rev. Kenneth Studdard (Lee Chapel), Richard G. Williams, Jr. (Jackson's grave)

2005 -  Rev.  Lloyd Sprinkle

2004 - Richard G. Williams, Jr.

 2003 - D. Min. H. Rondel Rumburg ~ The Christian Legacy of Lee and Jackson.  Charles "Chuck" Eberle ~ Lee Remembers Jackson

2002 - Charles "Chuck" Eberle ~  Duty and Honor to God, Country,  and Banner.  Stephen Cassle ~ The Life of Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson

2001 - J. Holt Merchant - Professor of History, Washington & Lee University

2000 -Nora Brooks - as Mrs. Robert E. Lee