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January 18-19, 2019



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I felt there were great principles to be maintained, a holy cause to be defended, and determined upon my course - R.E.Lee April 8, 1865


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R.E. Lee's greatness

This is one of the best videos from television to describe the greatness of Robert E. Lee and his faith we have seen:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7ddPOnhmj0

Event Description:

Lee-Jackson Day is a celebration of the lives of two great heroes and most noteworthy citizens of Lexington, Virginia.  Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson were both born near this date which became a longstanding state holiday across the South.  While neither man was born here, both spent the final years of their lives as residents of Lexington.  Stonewall Jackson arrived here prior to the War Between the States and became an integral part of the community as a church leader and professor at the Virginia Military Institute.  Robert E. Lee arrived in Lexington following the war and rescued a destitute college that was later renamed Washington and Lee in his honor.  Both men are buried here which makes the town a fitting venue to commemorate their lives.  We welcome you to join us as we honor not only their military genius, but their personal lives, faith, and character.  We also encourage you to walk the streets and explore the town upon which both men left their permanent mark and legacy.

Lee Chapel


Washington & Lee's administration now considers honoring Robert E. Lee in Lee Chapel on Lee-Jackson Day to be an improper use of a building built under the administration of Robert E. Lee which is also his gravesite and the home of the Lee Memorial.  As Donald Trump recently said, Political Correctness has ruined our country.  Robert E. Lee, while a humble man who would not want such a fuss about himself whether he deserves it or not, would no doubt be ashamed of the university's rejection of nearly all traditional values and its succumbing to marxist mob rule.  R.E. Lee envisioned the building's use as a place to promote non-denominational Christianity and once stated his greatest wish in life would be to know all the young men [and now women] who graduated there would become good Christians.  Sadly, just as the rest of the West decays into the moral abyss, so to does this once great institution.  Sexual perversion is celebrated while the great military accomplishments of Lee and Washington are treated as heresy.  So great has the degradation become that even the military portraits of Lee and Jackson in the Chapel have been removed.  This is the tyranny of emotion, the situation where godless humanists have turned a place of learning into an experiment of lowering oneself to the bases of animal desires.  Instead of looking to Lee as the marble man of duty and honor, the faculty and student body increasing reviles his legacy as an impediment on their way to their unrestrained utopia.  Satanism now reigns with its "Do as Thou Wilt" rather than Lee's "You should do your duty in all things.  You can never do more.  You should never wish to do less."

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